????????Christmas Gateaux Ordering????????

Introducing our full range of Gateaux’s, the perfect Christmas dessert made to order and priced at only £20 each (£30 for Gluten Free and Vegan options)!

‘Caramel Apple Granny’
‘Strawberry Cheesecake’
‘Death by Chocolate’
‘Mandarin Cheesecake’
‘Banoffee Cheesecake’
‘Fudge Cake’
‘Black Forrest Gateaux’
‘Coffee and Tia Maria Gateaux’
‘Fruit Pavlova’ (Gluten Free)
‘GF Caramel Apple’
‘GF Chocolate Fudge’
‘Vegan Caramel Apple’
‘Vegan Chocolate Fudge’

Last order date Thursday December 13th!!

Call us today to get yours booked on 0141 887 3870 as we need plenty time to get them ready for you

Only at Bianco e Nero, Gauze Street, Paisley